Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Ultimate Shoulder Endurance Exercise

personal training clifton

The ShoulderBurner.

One of my favourite #bootcamp creations.

Total body training focusing on shoulder endurance, core (torso stability) and the #cardiovascular system.

Can be performed indoors or outdoors. You will need 10m of clear space to run.

Dumbbell weight 70 to 80%rep max. 

Standing Shoulder Dumbbell press
Standing with slight bend in knees core switched on, chest up, eyes on horizon. Breathe in on the way down out as you press up. Elbows slightly forward as you bring dumbbells down.

Fit Ball Run
Run/jog with fit ball above head. Slight bend in elbows, core switched on, chest up, eyes on horizon.


Standing shoulder dumbbell press

  1. 1min Then 20m run with fit ball above head.
  2. Next, 45sec shoulder press 40m run with fit ball
  3. Next, 30sec shoulder press 60m run with fit ball
  4. Last, 15sec shoulder press 80m run with fit ball.


Personal Training Clifton